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We provide IT solutions & consulting services to help clients across industries with their key IT initiatives by offering cost-effective solutions.

Small Sized Business

Commercial software could either be too narrowly focused or too broad-based, we deliver and support custom solutions that meet business need. If even just a part of your operation involves building IT solutions or services to order for your customers, then we have expertise you are looking for.


Combination of industry and operations knowledge with unique insights into existing and emerging technologies, we have developed a range of innovative, end-to-end offerings for the automotive industry.

Real Estate

Management of multiple properties and projects is often challenging. Our expertise in this industry has helped to achieve combining technology to compliment various processes such as project, resource, marketing and creative services.

Non-Profit Organizations

While budget and resources are often constraints for non-profits, we work closely with them to address their challenges and achieve the goals.

We fuel
INNOVATION to strengthen

Ally Horizons is a research and development company dedicated to provide IT solutions & consulting services to help clients across industries with their key IT initiatives by offering flexible and cost-effective IT solutions. We are innovators at heart and appreciate great culture so we made a company to help others spark it as well.

We serve leading businesses, governments, non-governmental organizations, and not-for-profits. We help our clients make lasting improvements to their performance and realize their most important goals

Our Work

What we do

We create

We like to experiment with the cutting-edge and worked with new technologies as soon as they became technologically viable.

We look to the future

We take ideas we like and research them until we find an angle we believe in.

We find a solution

We develop ideas into products inside our cross-functional team.

Creative Team




Neera Bose

Results oriented business savvy technology executive with unique ability to bridge both the business technical worlds.



Vishal Aggarwal

Business driven technology thought leader, senior enterprise IT strategist passionate about driving innovation in the Internet of Things (IoT) and mobility space.




Sunita Rathore

Multi-Disciplinary Creative Designer with sound research mind. Heads corporate design, leads development of graphic design, advertising, communications and industrial design publications.




Guru Prasad

High performance executive and visionary leadership, technical expertise, and strategic perspective to lead diverse teams in achieving top-notch results.



Lokesh V

A thriving highly creative executive consultant specialized in conception, direction, digital business & marketing strategies, innovation and organizational readiness.




Divya Sharma

Passionate sales consultant focused on problem solving, cost benefits and customer oriented.

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